«Impact of global trends on the development of Asian STPs»

Authors of the report are required to choose the topic for submission of theses, plus it is also recommended to include the analysis of specific cases in reports and pay attention to the accumulated experience or description of best practices.

The specified order of topics does not neither reflect the sequence of their distribution in the program, nor the procedure for their consideration. The order of distribution of topics in the program will be determined after reviewing the full text of the reports.

Anyone who wants (membership in the ASPA is not necessary) is welcome to send abstracts (an application for a presentation with a report) to participate in the Conference program.

Timeline for Speaker Selection

Call for contributions launch
Submission of abstracts
Notification to authors
Submission of full papers
Notification to authors


  1. Digitalization of Asian Economies. Key Trends
  2. Emerging industries and sectors. Adapting STPs to the new reality
  3. Socializing. Science park as a networking platform for its residents
  4. Globalization. STPs as a platform for emerging global players
  5. Urbanization. STPs as drivers of urban and regional development
  6. Marketing. Making STP’s value proposition to residents more competitive
  7. Services. What is the right mix
  8. Asian STPs. New Infrastructure. New Services. New Sectors
  9. Best practices. STP + Universities
  10. Best practices. STP + Corporation
  11. Best practices. STP + Government
  12. Attraction of investments. Rules of the game
  13. Acceleration as a sign of quality. Faith in mentoring
  14. Soft-landing. Who did it happen?