Far Eastern Federal University

FEFU is one of the largest universities in the Far East of Russia, it is an academic outpost of the country in the Asia-Pacific region. Preserving long scientific traditions and tracking the newest educational trends, the university strives to become the best scientific and educational center of the APR.
Factors, including: concentration in the university campus of international educational programs and research, the availability of unique equipment, the attraction of scientists and teachers with a world-wide name, offering a contemporary educational programs – allow the university to create conditions for studying and graduation of a new generation of young professionals that are qualified, free-thinkers and are aware of the importance of geopolitical changes.
The new FEFU campus is considered to be the best not only in Russia, but also one of the best in the world. It is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in the ecologically clean area of the Russian Island, which is few kilometers away from Vladivostok. This is a real student's smart campus. It is comfortable, bright, hospitable and safe but most importantly it is where students from Russia and other countries study together and find friends.